Caring for Children with HIV Training

When placement of an HIV-infected child occurs, foster parents are required to complete the course “Caring for Children with HIV”. This course contains information on the unique aspects of pediatric HIV disease, transmission and infection control, the spectrum of HIV disease, confidentiality and self-care for the caregiver.

Full Course Description

CARING FOR CHILDREN WITH HIV (3 hrs credit) - This training will enable foster and adoptive parents to respond sensitively, compassionately, and competently to HIV-affected children and their families. Participants will learn how to engage confidently in infection-control precautions; respond appropriately and sensitively to concerns about HIV transmission; provide appropriate care and support during each stage of the “roller coaster” of HIV disease; anticipate and manage the challenges of confidentiality surrounding HIV disease; and join as a part of a care giving team that responds effectively to cultural differences, social burdens, daily problems, grief and loss issues, and the needs of caregivers. Participants will also receive a brief overview of the Iowa DHS HIV Protocols on confidentiality, testing, and placement of HIV-infected children.

Training Details

TRAINING: Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016 (10am to 2pm)

LOCATION: Iowa Foster & Adoptive Parents Association Office
(6864 NE 14th Street - Suite 5 - Ankeny, IA)

A free lunch will be provided. This class will be recorded to allow for future training opportunities of this course online.

To register for this class, please call 800-277-8145 or REGISTER HERE.






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