Other Workshops NOT Connected to IFAPA

The following trainings are not connected with IFAPA, but may be of interest to foster, adoptive and kinship parents.

If you have a training or conference that has been approved for foster credit and you would like to promote it here, please complete our online form.

Upcoming Conferences & Trainings
Date & Time Training
Training Location For More
April 20, 2017

Race: The Power of an Illusion - Racial Equity Awareness Learning Exchanges
Approved for foster parent credit
Council Bluffs
Salem United Methodist Church
June 17, 2017

We Are Family Summit for Foster and Adoptive Families
Approved for foster parent credit
Camp Autumn, 4233 Yew Ave



Training Credit for Movies & Books

DHS has compiled a list of movies and books that have been approved for foster parent in-service training. Foster parents can obtain a maximum of three hours of foster parent credit per training cycle; the other three hours must be obtained through a face-to-face group training setting.
* This list of approved movies and books was created by DHS for the IFAPA website.

Foster parents are required to submit a report (see links below) to their licensing worker about what they read or viewed, including a summary of it and include what they learned and how it applies to increasing their skill as a foster parent.

Foster Parent Training Report (470-2540) - PDF
Foster Parent Training Report (470-2540) - WORD DOC (can complete electronically)

To request approval for a book or movie not included on the approved list, submit form #470-2541 - Foster Parent Training Application to DHS AT LEAST 30 DAYS before viewing the movie or reading the book. Send the form: to Heather Davidson, Foster Family Program Manager (DHS Division of Adult, Children & Family Services, 5th floor, 1305 E. Walnut St., Des Moines, IA 50319-0114). Approved movies will receive 1 credit hour for each two program hours; theatre and most TV movies are not approved for credit. Books receive 1 credit hour for every 100 pages read up to 3 credit hours if the book is over 300 pages.





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